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Thank you very much for the treatment and for your expertise. It was the second time when I came to your office with excruciating pain. I couldn't sleep in the night, I couldn't seat, walk, drive my car - you name it... I felt just miserable! And after a few sessions you returned me my life without pain. First time you successfully treated  my frozen shoulder, second time - my hip. Both times you performed  miracles! I will recommend you to my friends and family with enthusiasm. 

Alexander Z., Brighton

I have been a client of Abby Kessler for several years and regard my finding her as one of the best things that ever happened to me.


Abby has treated me primarily for an irritable bowel condition which has, through acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbs improved considerably.

During this time she has also helped me with other ailments including eye problems, back and leg pain, asthma, and stress.


Abby is very warm and caring. She is an empathetic listener who really takes the time to know her clients. She takes a complete medical history during the first session and makes it a point to familiarize herself with the client's lifestyle. She treats the whole person and makes nutritional and dietary suggestions which help to ameliorate existing conditions. Her range of knowledge is amazing.

During the session Abby's concerns for the client's comfort is evident in the warm and tranquil environment she provides. I have highly recommended Abby to several friends and will continue to do so in the future.

A.C., Newton Centre

I've been seeing Abby Kessler for several years for different reasons but most recently for a sudden and significant hip injury. It is something I just woke up with one morning. It hurt (at a pain level of 8 out of 10) to walk, get up from a chair or out of the car. I was walking with a limp. To make sure nothing was structurally wrong or anything was serious, I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. I would have to wait 3 weeks. 

In the meantime, I called my trusty acupuncturist, Abby Kessler. I saw her once a week for 3 weeks and now the pain level is a 2. I walk and get up from sitting with ease. 

I should have cancelled the doctor’s appointment but wanted to play it safe. It ended up being the biggest waste and I would give anything to have those 2 1/2 hours back. The Physician’s Assistant thought it may be bursitis. The Doctor thought it was just overuse of the hip flexor - probably too many squats and lunges so I should stop doing them. I told him that these are the exact exercises I needed to work on my "problem areas" and he flippantly replied, "Well, I guess I'll see you back here then". My thought: No you won't. I'll just go back to Abby :) 

Susan F., Waltham

I visited Abby Kessler because I was having difficulty conceiving.  From day one Abby had a calm and reassuring approach. She was extremely knowledgeable as well as open to my thoughts and opinions. She treated the fertility issue as well as the anxiety I had surrounding the problem. With Abby's help, I am now the proud mommy of five day old Olivia! This was accomplished without any fertility drugs or medical procedures. I am beyond thankful to Abby Kessler for the essential role she played in bringing this blessing to my husband and me.

Sherri B., Newton

For the first time in years, since I developed chronic pain in my shoulders resulting from a serious illness, I am finding relief. I highly recommend Ms. Kessler and her style of therapy. It has worked wonders for me. 

Diane R., Brookline

I first received treatment from Abby Kessler after a hospitalization for viral pericarditis. Although I was no longer in any danger I had ongoing pain in the chest area, exhaustion, and depression. The effect of the first treatment can only be described as miraculous: the pain was immediately relieved and energy restored. The effect of acupuncture on depression can also be very marked, especially if anti-depressants cannot be taken: there is a very subtle, but profound, neurological transformation that can be brought about, especially by the use of needles in the ears. 

In short, the efficacy of Abby's treament for symptoms that biomedicine had failed to help me with was unambiguous and markedly effective. I return to Abby whenever I have had a virus or am under par. My own GP (at Harvard University Health Services) was so impressed that she asked for Abby's details so that she could recommend her to other patients.

Harvard University Professor (name supplied on request)

My husband and I travel extensively and have often had massages while on vacation. We have had massages in China, Quebec, on cruises and many places in the United States. The massages we have received have been varied in nature. Some were quite relaxing. Others were rough, and not very therapeutic. None were as completely satisfying as the massages we received from Abby Kessler. I would highly recommend Ms. Kessler for anyone desiring a massage because she adapts her technique to the individual. Our entire family has been treated to her expertise and there is none better for the body, spirit or soul. As a registered nurse, I can assure you a massage with Abby will improve your entire sense of well being. 

Joyce and David W., Newton

I have received acupuncture and acupressure treatments for tennis elbow, muscle cramps and sore back from sports activities. Throughout the time I have worked with Abby, I have found her to be responsible, competent, effective and professional in her treatments. Not only have I been greatly helped by her interventions but I have found her to be warm, caring and honest in all our interactions.

Tod G., Newton

I am writing this letter on behalf of Abigail Kessler, my acupuncturist. Her acupuncture treatments have been extremely helpful in treating my anxiety, depression and chronic headaches. Ms. Kessler's treatments for my headaches have been especially beneficial. I have been able to go off some of my headache medications, many of which had uncomfortable side effects, such as drowsiness and trembling. As a result of Ms. Kessler’s treatment, I have been able to engage in many more daily activities and am now able to work full time, as opposed to part-time. My headaches have been a serious problem for many years, and I am greatly indebted to Ms. Kessler for helping to alleviate them. 

J. B., Newton

I have been treated by Abby Kessler for various musculoskeletal injuries, migraines, and smoking cessation. I am satisfied with the results. As a licensed physician, I often recommend these treatments to my clients who suffer from chronic pain conditions or have been unable to tolerate conventional medicine for a variety of ailments. 

K. M., Boston, MA

I have known Abby Kessler since 1993. I had an extremely painful case of sciatica, an inflammation of the nerves in the lower back that causes shooting pain in the legs and feet. I received little or no relief through medication, chiropractic treatment and even another acupuncture practitioner. Doctors told me major spinal disc surgery might be my only option. I saw Ms. Kessler, and within 8-10 weeks, my debilitating condition was improved dramatically. I saw her once or twice a week. Since then, I have recommended her healing services to several friends, who have also seen her. I recently started visiting Ms. Kessler again for some persistant upper back pain, and once again my condition has improved markedly.

Charles F., Waltham

For over three years, I have been a very satisfied client of Abby Kessler. I have visited other therapists in the past yet I prefer Abby's technique, rapport, and mastery of her field. While in her care, I have confidently referred others to Abby, including my mother and my wife for a number of issues that western doctors have tried to remedy. Abby is a consummate professional and has enriched my life as well as many others. 

Mark S., Roslindale

Abby Kessler has made a tremendous difference in several areas. Her work has helped me with mood swings and anger, has made me feel generally calmer and more peaceful. She has also helped with specific physical problems like backaches and colds. 

L. H., Newton

Abby Kessler has been my acupuncturist since 2001. Her expertise and caring have helped me manage a chronic illness, ulcerative colitis over the years. When I came to her I was very sick and unable to work steadily. After only a few weeks of treatment, the improvement was noticeable. Abby has a great understanding of the subtle factors that influence my disease, the sorts of factors that are not given much focus in medical practice. In tandem with my Western physicians, Abby has helped me to remain healthy and able to do my work. In 2003, I became pregnant, and Abby helped me through the pregnancy. I experienced an easy pregnancy with none of the troubling symptoms that make so many pregnant women miserable. Most remarkably: when I felt it was time to give birth, I came to Abby. She gave me a treatment to support me through labor and delivery, and to move things along quickly. I saw her on Friday afternoon and gave birth early Saturday morning. I experienced a relatively short birthing experience, and I was able to give birth without having to use any kind of medication. 

In addition to her skill and knowledge, I appreciate Abby’s personal qualities. She is easy to talk to and brings essential human caring to her work. She is generous with her time, looking up information she doesn’t know, asking clarifying questions, and taking as long as it takes to give the right treatment for the situation. She combines tremendous knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine with sensitivity and intuition. I hope she never retires! 

N.L., Newton

Thanks to your treatment Wednesday, my foot is a notch short of completely healed. This is the second case of your acupuncture working very quickly for an acute problem, the first being an injured knee several months ago. 

Mark D., Jamaica Plain

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