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Abby offers one-hour tele-health consults during which she takes an extremely thorough look at your current health situation. She then prescribes custom herbal formulations, dietary adjustments and other lifestyle changes to help keep you healthy and and calm during this time of transition. 


She also offers one-hour guided self-acupressure sessions via Zoom. In these sessions you will learn which specific meridians or energy channels on your body need recalibration. She will then demonstrate how to improve the circulation of energy or “Qi” within these channels by self-applying pressure to specific acupressure points on your body. These sessions are invaluable for learning how to manage and resolve pain and stress. Practicing self-acupressure between acupuncture treatments also helps you to fully integrate and maintain the progress made during your acupuncture sessions. 


If you have just caught a cold, are bedridden, self-quarantining, or if you are dealing with viral or post-viral symptoms or acute respiratory infections, Chinese herbal medicine can hasten your recovery. Best results are obtained when herbs are prescribed at the first sign of illness. 


For more information on her tele-health service visit Abby's blog.

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