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The Yin and Yang of Fertility and Pregnancy: Part 2

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

In my last blog, I discussed ways for women to nudge themselves into the “Yin cycle” in order to increase their fertility and facilitate an easier and healthier pregnancy.

In addition to these lifestyle recommendations, acupuncture is a powerful tool for optimizing conditions for a healthy pregnancy.  Research shows that acupuncture significantly improves fertility as a stand alone treatment and/or combined with IVF. 

Acupuncture improves circulation to the ovaries—which makes for healthier eggs, and to the uterus—which increases the chance that the lining will be strong enough to hold the eggs to full term.  Acupuncture is also a powerful stress reliever and hormone balancer during an emotional time of a woman’s life.

I have assisted many women in their 30’s and 40’s to achieve successful pregnancies.  The most common fertility issues I encounter in my practice are:

  1. High stress lifestyle: woman needs to relax and get into Yin mode.

  2. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) causing hormonal imbalances.

  3. Long term use of birth control pill causing hormonal imbalances.

  4. Obesity or extreme weight loss causing hormonal imbalances.

  5. Other hormone imbalances such as hypothyroidism.

  6. Endometriosis and fibroid tumors.

  7. Perimenopausal older women with waning Kidney Qi.

In addition, most miscarriages occur within the first 3 months of pregnancy.  I often treat women regularly through week #12 to prevent miscarriage.

Other pregnancy related issues I frequently encounter in my practice include: morning sickness, heartburn, back pain and sciatica, edema and leg swelling, hemorrhoids, carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, and depression-anxiety.

Finally, acupuncture is highly effective for breech presentation and labor induction.  I perform labor induction in my office and at birthing sites on women who are due or post-due with excellent results.

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