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How Healthy Are You Really?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Chinese Medicine is about bringing the mind, body and spirit into dynamic balance.  Dynamic balance allows us to adapt to change, develop ourselves and transform positively while maintaining a sense of stability, receptivity and calm.  A healthy person is able to be resilient and maintain their equilibrium under ever changing life conditions. Versus, a less healthy person gets thrown off balance by every little thing.

A vibrantly healthy person:

  1. Adapts easily to seasonal and weather changes.

  2. Falls asleep easily, sleeps soundly and wakes refreshed.

  3. Eats when hungry, enjoys meals, and stops eating when comfortably full.

  4. Experiences strong digestion and smooth elimination.

  5. Has steady mental and physical energy throughout the day.

  6. Feels calm, focused and relaxed most of the time.

  7. Is flexible, and able to adjust appropriately when faced with disappointments and inconveniences.

  8. Is free of physical pain.

  9. Fully feels and discharges fear, sadness, joy, anger, etc. without holding on too long or intensely to any one emotion

  10.  Has good circulation and a healthy sex drive.

If you are having problems in any of these areas, chances are your Qi (vital energy) has become stagnant or depleted due to prolonged stress, overwork, injury, trauma, poor nutrition, addictive habits, or constitutional weaknesses.

Chinese Medicine can help!  Take the first step in becoming your best self:  call for an appointment today.

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